About Me

Nice to meet ya! My name is Nicole Dunn (call me Niki or Nick). As far back as my scattered brain can remember, I had the constant urge to do my dolly’s and my friends makeup. I loved experimenting with colors for better or worse and trying to recreate things I had seen elsewhere. Cut to the present time and the itch has grown into a full blown passion. Not just simply for doing makeup but to make people feel as great as they look. My absolute favorite feeling in the world is the look on someones face when I hand them a mirror and they are amazed at what they see. That’s the moment I live for!  I believe everyone is beautiful but unfortunately not everyone sees it. I would consider it an honor to have a career in making people see the things I see when I look at them. Or maybe just bringing out a side of them they didn’t know they had! I married the love of my life the day before Halloween and it’s inspired to me to make myself as happy in all other areas of my life as I am with my husband ❤


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