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I Challenge You To Challenge Me – Think you can help?

I want to present you with a challenge to present me with a challenge. This will be ongoing and I want to continue accepting submissions for as long as possible. Send me images of anything you find inspiring, boring, interesting, mundane, ugly, beautiful, anything (that’s appropriate) you like and my challenge is to create a makeup look based on it. Flowers and animals are obviously gorgeous and inspiring and I welcome photos of them but please don’t feel obligated to only send me pretty images. I really want to stretch my brain here and do some different looks. The only stipulation is that they don’t be photos of makeup but everything else is fair game.

How you can send me the images:
Pinterest is a great site for inspiration. If you like, you can create a new board and title it “Inspirations” or “Makeup Challenges” (Just make sure you let me know you created one) or you can re-pin an image and I believe there’s a way to mention my username so that I see it. Or simply (right click) save an image from there and email it.
Email the images or links to them to me at
Facebook, you can post them to your profile and mention me (display name – Niki Dunn) or message me there.
Twitter, username MakeupByNikiD

If you have any questions or if you want to let me know you have some images for me, email me or comment below. I’ll contact when I post my pictures so you can see my “challenge reply” :o)
I look forward to getting some really amazing challenges from you guys! I know you beautiful creatures won’t disappoint :o)

Stay Beautiful ❤



Time has a nasty habit of ticking past me even quicker than I thought! This is just an update of what/who I’ve been looking for and what I’m trying to pull together for the future.

Before/Afters + Models

I’m always looking for more people for “before and after” makeup looks. But have no fear if you’re not willing to be photographed with a totally bare face! I am also interested in doing replication shots for anyone wanting to try something they’ve seen but aren’t sure how to do it. Bring me your celebrity photos or anything else you’ve got!

Pin-Up + Celebrity Looks

I’ve been thinking about pulling together a kind of package deal to offer ladies pin-up makeovers complete with hair, makeup and photo prints. Hopefully I can pull together the pieces to make it happen! If you are interested in participating either by doing hair or styling then please contact me.
On a side note, I’ve been looking forward to doing shots of a friend of mine who bears a striking resemblance to a famous female musical artist BUT I’m not giving any hints ;o) you’ll just have to see when they’re finished.

As usual if you require any makeup application, trials, photos, etc. then you know how to contact me!