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Bluebird – Halloween Look

Another costume idea, enjoy!


Bad Fairy – Halloween Look

What fun is a good fairy? I prefer a bad one ;o) The only thing missing were wings but locating black and red ones didn’t happen in time for the shots.

Glam Kitty – Halloween Beauty

This ain’t your little girls cat costume, this kittys all grown and glam. Complete with Swarovski crystals and glitter whiskers of course.

This is Halloween! Sugar Skull – Guy Version

Ahh my favorite time of year is here! Get ready for all my Halloween posts! Ok be kind to me, this is the first time I painted a sugar skull on a face and not an inanimate object :o) I definitely have some practicing to do.
I’m calling this the “guy version” because I plan on doing a “girly” sugar skull soon. The guys I wanted to keep dark and devious and simple but strong in color contrast. And many thanks to my patient model!